Lakeville, Pennsylvania
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The stole my money and did not deliver. Said my order was shipped by express mail on February 14th and even gave me a false tracking number.

There must be something going on as this is the 2nd drug company in two months to rip me off. The first one was Aclepsa.

I have tried e-mailing them and I recieve no answer what so ever. All you get is an automated e-mail response. I e-mail them every hour and still no answer.

i have just gotten their address and that will be my next attempt. to contact them.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I have placed 4 orders with this company all in excess of $300. Each time, the meds have been delivered--however, it DOES take 2-3 months to receive the order.

I almost gave up on the last one, but it came today--11 weeks to the day from the time I ordered it.

I really don't know if I'll continue using them, as I'm afraid one of these times, it won't show up at all--and like everyone says, there is nothing but automated e-mail responses.

No personal contact at all--no recourse in case of non receipt. VERY SCARY!

Chester, New York, United States #5354

I ordered $190 and an $90 Orders in Sept 2007. They have also stated shipped. I have e-mailed many times since January, even faxed many times that these orders were never delivered. They can track as all the Shipments require a signature.

I have been out of my meds for over 2 months. NJo respoinse from them, no contact what so ever. I realize they are always late on shipments, but I have ordered several times and they did deliver each time. They always manage to SHORT me what I order...and have never addressed this problem, of course.

I order this when I had a 4 month supple remaining as I knew they would be much later delivering product than they priomised.

How can they charge someone almost $300 right at 6 months ago and not so much as respind to no receipt of these meds...? It is upsetting as I am out, and desperately need my medicine for my illness. $300 is a lot of money for me. They have a guarantee, but it means nothing is they do not comply, let alone respond. I have been told I should report this to the BBB, Attorney General Office and get the Cr Card Co to credit my money.

I am making one last attempt today, and I am so screwed all togetrher because I need this for my illness.

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